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Two Tips for Those Organising Their First Corporate Networking Event

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If you have to organise a networking event for the entrepreneurs, executives and CEOs of corporations in your region and you have never had to do this before, here are a few useful tips that you might want to jot down.

Provide enough alcohol to serve each person one to two drinks

Whilst corporate events of this kind are not parties, you should still purchase some alcohol for this occasion; ideally, you should ensure that you have enough wine, champagne or beer to provide everyone who signs up for this event with one or two drinks. This is because many people who come to these corporate events find the prospect of discussing their business ventures and professional backgrounds with total strangers quite intimidating.

Providing everyone with just one or two servings of this social lubricant should ensure that those who do feel a bit daunted by the idea of mingling with top-level executives and entrepreneurs will be able to relax enough to speak up and give their business cards to these people without leading to anyone experiencing unpleasant or disruptive levels of inebriation.

Help out any lone attendees you come across

If you want to ensure that everyone leaves this corporate event feeling content with the interactions they had and the connections they made, then you should continuously walk around the venue in search of any lone attendees, who may not know anyone and may be unsure who they should talk to, or who might lack the confidence to introduce themselves to the professionals they are interested in meeting.

If you come across someone like this, you should enquire about their professional background and their motivation for attending the event (for example, they might be a small business owner who wants to pitch the idea of a merger to the owner of a much bigger business).

Based on what they tell you, you might then be able to facilitate a meeting between them and a person that could help them, directly or indirectly; for instance, whilst the owner of the above-mentioned larger business might not be at the event, some of their senior executives might be, in which case being introduced to these executives might aid that small business owner in initiating this venture. This could result in the people involved in this interaction eventually making a very lucrative business deal, which is something that could result in them attending more of your networking events again in the future.

For more tips, contact other companies that put on corporate events.