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Marquee Hire Tips

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Are you planning a party at an outdoor location? One of your primary concerns would be a marquee to accommodate your guests. Marquees are expensive; hence it would be reasonable to hire one. Below are some marquee hire tips. 

Work With a Reputable Company

Seek referrals or conduct some internet research to examine the reputation of marquee hire companies in your locality. Social media, Google My Business listings, and blogs can provide vital information about the company's operations. The company should be quick to respond to client inquiries. Besides, they should provide clean and well-maintained marquees. Work with a company that erects and pulls down the marquee at no extra cost. 

Choose a Suitable Marquee

Traditional marquees can be customised to fit any occasion. However, if you expect high winds, a trapeze marquee is your best bet. Stretch tent marquees are ideal for street parties and concerts where you want to protect your guests from harsh weather but still giving them freedom of movement and a clear view of what is on stage. A framed marquee can be erected on any surface and will accommodate any interior layout since it does not have supporting poles.

Make Ground Preparations

Check the available space to ensure the marquee will fit in the area. You will also need to consider hazards such as low lying branches, electric cables, and underground installations such as septic tanks, gas and water lines. Check the slope of the landscape. The marquee should be installed in an area with a proper slope. It is a sure way to prevent flooding during heavy rains.

Check the Terms of Hire

The company should have reasonable terms of hire. Examine the following: 

  • What is the company's deposit and cancellation policy? For instance, will you have to forfeit your deposit if you cancel the event?
  • The company should allow you to increase the period of hire at standard charges.
  • The marquee should have an insurance cover. It is a sure way to avoid legal liability in case of accidents.
  • Check the conditions of use. Most companies will restrict the use of fireworks and candles inside the structure. Besides, they will prohibit you from moving the marquee to a different location.

Consider the Pricing

Compare quotes from a few companies to understand industry pricing. Reputable companies may price their services a bit higher than start-ups. However, they guarantee high-quality services. Avoid companies with lots of extra and hidden costs. 

Hiring a marquee could not be any easier. Work with a reputable company, choose a suitable marquee, inspect the grounds, check the terms of hire and examine the company's pricing.